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The Senior Scholars Warn Against Extremism and Exageration in Religion

Understanding Islam
Bayaan at-Talbees Ahlul-Takfeer
Ahlu-Sunnah Versus the Ashari/Sufi Movement
The Senior Scholars Warn Against Extremism and Exageration in Religion
Muslim Authorities
Countering Islamaphobia
To Non Muslims
Salafi Conferences With Scholars
Crime of al-Haddadiyyah Upon the Salafee Manhaj

A Reply to Those Upon the Methodology of Boycotting and Warning without any scholarly precedent


Here is the Statement of the Alamaah Abdul-Muhsin al-Abbadd which totally severed the Haddadee Methodology

The Statements of the Major Scholars Concerning The Individuals and General People Who Fell Into This Heretical Methodology
Other Statements of the Mashaa'ikh
Another "misconstruence" performed by the ghulaat
The Hallmark of the Haddadee Manhaj
Shaykh Wasiullah speaks about the reality of Spubs and Abu Khadijah
Also Shaykh Wasiullah's meeting with Spubs
In here Shaykh Wasiu-llah outlines that Salafi Publications are those who strive againt the salafiyoon and that they are the hizbiyoon

Salafi Publications clearly lied on Khaalid ar-Raddadee regarding his stance on Jamiyaa Ahlul-Hadeeth. Here is the evidence straight from the horses mouth

Sp on Jamiyaa Ahlul-Hadeeth and the bayaan of Shaykh Khaalid on the deception.doc


New from Shaykh Wasiullah al-Abbass on Abu Usama adh-Dhahabi

On Abu Usamaah adh-Dhahabee