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Fatwa of Imaam Muhammad Naasiru-Deen Al-Albanee on Selling the Books & Tapes of Non Salafees

Sheik Muhammad Naasir ad-Deen al-Albani, may Allah have mercy on him, was asked:
Sheik I work in an Islamic tape store, and I am curious as regards the responsibility one would hold (or the appropriateness) of selling and distributing tapes for some people who do not follow the Salafi Manhaj...for example for people who are related to political groups which are present today, such as the Ikhwaanis and Tableegh and their likes. Some brothers gave me a verdict concerning this that I should not distribute or record their tapes at all. Whereas some others said that I should choose the good and appropriate tapes which contain no conflicts with the
Shari'ah or the Manhaj of the Salaf...I am quite confused regarding this issue...I ask Allah, the Exalted, to remove this confusion, by your Fatwa...Jazaak Allah.

The Sheik, may Allah have mercy on him answered: There is no doubt that the second opinion which you mentioned is the correct opinion; for indeed the Hikmah (wisdom) is a thing which the believer seeks most, wherever he hears it...he takes it. Even though this Hadeeth is a weak Hadeeth; it is enough for us that it can be counted as a few words of wisdom,
which we can then apply...and we do not fanatically become enthusiastic to our Madth'hab as the other followers of the other Madhaahib have done.

We are the followers of the truth, wherever this truth is, and from
wherever it comes from...the Hikmah is the thing the believer seeks most, wherever he finds it, he takes it. So if you happen to come across an article or a research for a person who is associated with one of those groups, which with great sorrow, do
not follow the Salafi Manhaj, but in it you find a reminder which
reminds you of some Ayat, and some authentic Hadeeth, there is no reason not to distribute these researches, whether it be an audio cassette, as long as there is nothing in it which conflicts with the Qur'an and Sunnah,
and the Manhaj of the pious predecessors.
This is a problem (which we face today) which is not just focused on audio matter...rather it goes beyond that to written works, which are more widespread than audio tapes. So is it correct or appropriate for the distributor of the books, or the salesperson to print and to sell what is not in accordance to the Salafi Manhaj? The is almost impossible for any book to be completely free from any type of conflicting statement, rather we should consider the following two points (when
considering a cassette or written material):
1. The first thing that the audio tape or written book should not be
calling to the wrong Manhaj (i.e. a Manhaj other than the Manhaj of the
Salaf as-Saalih).
2. That the truth (correct issues) are more than the incorrect ones.
Imam Malik, may Allah have mercy on him, said: 'There is no person
amongst us, except that his statement would be rejected (or taken) except
for the one in this grave.'
Therefore the printing and distribution of audio cassettes and books
should be scrutinized in light of the two above points.
If then, you are asking about an audio cassette that does not conflict
with the Salafi Manhaj, I do not see any reason, whatsoever for
preventing the distribution of this sort of audio material, (it should not be
prevented) just because the one speaking is not on the Salafi Manhaj,
such that he is a Khalafi, or a Hizbee, or their likes.
This is what the knowledge necessitates, what the fairness
necessitates, and what the attempt of gathering between the differences between the
different Jama'ah (groups) of today necessitates. This in summary is my
answer to your question.

The Sheik, may Allah have mercy on him, was further asked: Some of
those who say that all audio material for those who are not on the Salafi
Manhaj should be prevented, say that distributing a tape for those
people would be like giving Tazkiyyah to their Manhaj, and would point to
the fact that we are happy and pleased (with their Manhaj) and all that
say in those tapes...whether correct or incorrect.

The Sheik, may Allah have mercy on him, said: I believe that the above
statement contains a certain extent of exaggeration. If we assume that
a person wrote a research or a booklet in which he gathered the Hadeeth
pertaining to the Dhikr (to be said throughout the day and night), from
Saheeh al-Bukhari...and he is not a Salafi...What is the veracity of
the above statement on this booklet or research? And what is the link
between distributing this booklet and supporting his Manhaj?
NO, rather we support our Manhaj by distributing his booklet, because
he compiled his booklet in light of our method, by choosing the
authentic Hadeeth. I believe that the above statement contains a certain extent
exaggeration. And Allah knows best.

We ask Allah to have mercy on the Sheik, and to admit him into the
highest Level of Jannah...Jannah al-Firdaws. Ameen.

[This fatwa has been taken from the Fatawa for the sheik delivered in
Jeddah entitled (Fatawa Jeddah -Taqwa Tape stores/Tape number 8986-The
series was originally recorded by A'thaar Islamic tape store in Jeddah)
year 1410H/Jumada al-Akhirah-Tape 2] Abu Abdullah