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Answering The Fallacies of Western Ideological Inceptions of Organized World Wide Islamaphobia

The following is dedicated to the assessment of political, social , and or other views regarding Islam and bringing clarity to Islam and bringing back a truely lost principle fromthe entire media spectrum, that being "Fair & Balanced".


We often here throughout the various forums of media through either conservative, liberal, or others the notion that Saudi Arabia is a center for religious intolerance and even more of a dastardly notion that it preaches ideologies of hate towards western civilisations. Below is a brief analysis that more than satisfies the seeker of knowledge with a factual part of reality that is starkly at variance with the usual agenda oriented outlets of media and their tabloid journalism

Does Saudi Arabia Preach Intolerance In the West courtesy of

Clarifying the concepts of Terrorism, Jihaad, and the Religious Extremism courtesy of


Repelling False notions of this Important Issue: Islam as Intolerant

Part 1: Refuting the Lies of Robert Spencer on Compulsion courtesy of al-Mustaqeem Publications


Modernist Agenda: An Indepth Analysis of Modernist Muslim Views



Attrocities on Muslims: A Collection of Clear Examples of Non Muslim Pillage & Destruction against Muslims; A Complete Reversal of Status Quo Views

Examples of Non Muslims Aggression on Islam and Muslims far exceeding any known account of muslim aggression against non muslims

From the practical Perspective

Christian massacre of Rwandi Muslims



From The Ideological Perspective

The Latest Non Muslim Strategy of ideological Inceptions Upon Muslims

The Ideological Attack by Imaam Bin baz




Setting Ablaze the Invalid and Preposterous Scandals of the Heretics, Apostates, & Hypocrites

One of the most horendous and deceptive multifarious plots laid out through the vast forms of media either through its liberal routes or even the more absurd of the conservative elements, mainly through talk radio, is the mascarade of unleasing various apostates, claimed muslims (but in reality whose attributes are of that of the munafiqoon: hypocrite disbeleivers in God; and example would be Irshad Manji), and other heretics among some of the extreme Sufis like Muhammad Hischam kabbani, Hamza Yusif, and others who's stance against orthodox sunni traditional Islam is to well known. These advesaries against Islam are then proped up by these various media outlets as not only being valid and accepted speakers about Islam, but are pushed to be those who have in-depth knowledge and are of those qualified to speak about Islam. This current "hype"  his something that was vastly propelled after the 9/11 attacks carried by the rebels in Allah as well as its master minds.

On Irshad Manji

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Future Project inshallah


Purifying the Religion of Islam from the Delusions of the Antagonists

Courtesy of al-Mustaqeem Publications







Part 1: Outlining

  1. Introduction
  2. Outlining the Islamic Tenants
  3. Secularism at a Glance and the Islamic View Of It
  4. Freedom at a Glance
  5. The Western Lifestyle and Ideals at a Glance
  6. The Methodology of Double Standards at a Glance


Part 2: In-Depth Analysis of Western Issues on Islam

  1. The Concept of Equality Between Islamic and Secular Views
  2. Liberalism
  3. The Religion of The West
    1. Hedonism
    2. Humanism
    3. Pluralism
  4. Shari’ah (Islamic Law) Clarified and Its Relation to All Other Laws
  5. Customary Practices Used in the Distortion of Religious Analysis
  6. What Does Western Freedom Equate to
  7. Some Islamic Laws in Perspective
  8. Human Rights, Between Unlimited Bliss of Divine Revelation and Hypocritically Driven Nations and the Fallacious Plots of the Activists.
  9. Mantiq (Logic) and the lack of it used in Western Fronts
  10. The Inhumanity of Those Who Take On Board the Understanding of “The Sentiments of the Muslim World on the West is not Justified”
  11. Democratization of the World, a Global Jihaad:
  12. The Moral Code of Westerners, the Illogical Nature of its transformability
  13.  Terrorism and How It Is Viewed
  14. Double Standards, the Pillar of Western Imperial Existence
  15. The Incoherence of the Zionists and Their Blind Followers on the Label of “Anti Semitic
  16. The Label Game: Based on the Deduction and Extent of One’s Intellect
  17. The Stereotypical Response “Why Are Good Muslims Silent”
  18. The Usual Western Conservative Plot of “Is There a Moderate Islam”; Addressing Their Negation of It.


Part 3: In Depth Study of Islam and Some Groups

  1. Explaining Modernism
  2. Modernists
  3. Explaining Traditionalism
  4. The Traditionalist
  5. Defining Fundamentalism
  6. The Fundamentalist
  7. Explaining Extremism
  8. The Extremists
  9. Sunni Islam
  10. Shi’ite Islam
  11. The Wahhabi Myth
  12. Sufi Islam
  13. Clarifying Kharijism and Murjism and its relation to the Western Mindset of Liberalism and Conservatism


Part 4: What is Salafiyyah?

  1. What is the actual salafi call
  2. What the Salafi call is not
  3. Salafis, the most misunderstood group of all groups
  4. Salafis Don’t Equate in any Shape, form, or fashion to “Wahhabism”


Part 5: The Western Media and its new Motto “Unfair and Unbalanced”

  1. Western Media Versus al-Jazeera
  2. The Narrow-mindedness of World Affairs being Interpreted based upon Liberal/Conservative outlooks
  3. Factual Deliberate Deceptions of Political affairs in the Media
  4. Media Foreplay


Part 6: The Historical Islam and the Historical Christians and Jews

  1. How was Islam’s Relationship with the Christians
  2. How was Islam’s Relationship with the Jews
  3. How was Islam’s Relationship with other Religions
  4. The Phases of Knowledge Within History and How the Conditions and Rules for its Distribution have changed
  5. Jihaad Explained for Westerners
  6. Jihaad in the Past, Present, and Its Equation to Modern Foreign Policy
  7. Palestinian/Israeli Conflict and How it Got There
  8. The Pilipino Conflict   
  9. Suicide Missions: A Historical Analysis and the Islamic Ruling



Part 7: Disinfecting the Contaminating Effects of Apostate, Modernists, and Antagonist Recycled Rhetoric

  1. Exposing the Sectarian driven Antagonists
  2. From what Avenue (upbringing) do Apostates usually originate from
  3. The Irrationality of the Rationally Proclaimed Modernists
  4. Addressing the Self Deemed Experts of Islam
  5. What the West Needs to Know About the Deception of “What the West Needs to Know”
  6. Addressing Conservatives
  7. Exposing the Myth of “Islam has been Hijacked by Extremists” and “Reclaim Your Religion from the Extremists”
  8. Addressing the Claim “Where are the Moderates”



Part 8: Conclusion

  1. How Can Muslims Deal with the West?
  2. The Battle of the Apostates and Antagonists are in line with the battle of the Khawarij Which is to Endorse a Barbaric and Extremists modality as being the exact nature of Islam
  3. Why Democracy is Despised in much of the World and Within Islam in Particular