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Another matter that asharis seem to be very bold about is the issue of Allah's descent.
What is even more ironic is that they argue that "salafis" over indulge in the issue when the hadeeth was intended for the purpose of seeking Allah's bounty in the last part oft he night (the hadeeth about this states that He descends on the last part of the night).
So the reply back is that this was never an issue and would not have been an issue for us in the first place had you accepted the position of the orthodox sunni scholars in opposition and in refutation of the ideas propounded in your theological beleifs which result in the negation of Allah azawajal, the manner of the Jahmiyyah. Had you accepted the dawah of ahlu-sunnah and abandoned the matter, then there would not have been no need to use the hadeth in a theological manner, rather it could have been preserved for the increasement of emaan and reward.

Ishaaq bin Raahawayah said in reply to the one who said, ‘I disbelieve in a Lord that Descends from a heaven to a heaven’, “I believe in a Lord that does what He Wishes” [ibid. (no. 51). Adh-Dhahabee declares it’s sanad saheeh and refers it to al-Haakim. See also ‘al-Asmaa was Sifaat’ (pg. 528) of al-Bayhaqee.]

Imaam Abul Hasan al-Ash’aree said, “and we believe in all the narrations that the People of Narration have considered to be authentic concerning the Descent to the Lowest Heaven and that ‘the Lord, Azza wa Jall, says, “is there one asking, is there one seeking forgiveness”’ and the totality of what the quote and consider to be established, in opposition to the people of deviancy and misguidance.” [‘al- Ibaanah’ (pg. 60)]

Imaam al-Aajurree (d.360) said, under the chapter “to have faith and trust that Allaah descends to the lowest heaven every night,” “Faith in this is obligatory, and it is not allowed for the intelligent muslim to say , ‘how does he descend?’ - and none would answer this except the Mu'tazila. [for example the saying of some, that His command descends, and the saying of others that His angels descend etc.] As for the People of Truth, then they say, ‘faith in this is obligatory without asking how. Because the narrations are authentic to the Messenger (SAW) - That Allaah descends to the lowest heaven every night and the ones who transmitted this narration to us are the ones that transmitted the rules of halaal and haraam, and the knowledge of salaah, and zakaah, and fasting, and hajj, and jihaad. So just as the scholars accepted these from them then like this, they accepted from them these sunan. And they said, the one who opposed these is horribly misguided. Warning him and warning against him.” [‘ash- Sharee’ah’ (pg. 272) ]

Abdul Qaadir Al-Julani said, “And Allaah Descends every night to the Lowest Heaven howsoever He Wills, …and the meaning is not the descent of His Mercy or Reward as claimed by the Mu’tazila and the Ash’arees due to what is reported from Ubaadah bin Saamit that the Messenger of Allaah (SAW) said….[mentioning the hadeeth of Descent]” [‘al-Ghunya’ (1/57) of al-Jeelaanee]